The End-er Times: The Final-er Chapter of GD.

#Table of Contents 1) The Beginning (This post) 2) [Nuclear Launch Detected]( 3) [Meeting Misc]( 4) [The Board-ing Entry.]( _Last time..._ Hm, things are going rather well, aren't they? The plays are Korean, for certain. Jikker! I had an idea! What idea!? Run and get GD! Maybe with their combined force, they can send Dillon back! There has to be a way to stop this from happening, there's just got to! As a group, maybe as a large vocal majority, we can shut him down! I'm on it! --- GD, we need your help. Riot is still going to go through with their horrible decision to destroy GD. Is this what we want? Will we, as a community, stand here and let them take our child away from us and smash him into little tiny pieces? Answer: No. If we don't tell them it's not OK, they'll walk all over us. Help us help them realize that what they're doing isn't what we want! There are plenty of ways to keep GD alive while keeping it in check! This is the worst possible one! Show them they're wrong! --- *Zilean would have remained outside Boards Feedback, content to let the events come to pass that needed be.* These cranberries are *delicious!* (Read the full story here) --- _After two years in the making..._ #Welcome, GD. To The Final-er Chapter Is it in place? Who do you think we are? Jatt? JPLangley? Come on, man! We've done as you commanded. Good, and Keyru? She has been locked away within Skarner's crystalline carapace. She won't be out any time soon. Wonderful. Dillon already failed me once, but you won't follow in his footsteps, will you? Aw hell to the no, boss! We got this shit on _lock!_ Er, yeah. What, uh... What she said. You don't appear to be hype about this, Beefnuts. Only Chicken can call me bee- *WookieCookie shoots Mounting Dread a death-glare for the ages* AW HELL YEAH, WOOKS! WE GOT THAT SHIT ON LAWK, YO! Better. Much, much better. Go out and gather the rest of the Wardens. We've got GDers (and whatever the hell Miscellaneous players call themselves) to corral.
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