New to League, but not MOBAs.

I played Heroes of The Storm at the Master level for around 3-4 years, so I am not necessarily new to MOBAs, but I am new to this one. I have installed the Blitz app and it has been doing wonders to help me understand my match-ups and runes/builds/etc. I chose Support as the first role to learn, because it seems to be the best way for me to start understanding the flow of the game without sacrificing too much in lane. I am about 30 games in and honestly, LoL is the better game than Heroes. I enjoyed those years with Heroes, but I genuinely regret not putting that time and effort into LoL instead. With that being said, I have two questions - Brand has been my champ of choice so far (I really enjoy how aggressive you can be with him) and mechanically, I feel really comfortable with him. The next thing I need to learn is when to start roaming? Is it when you get a few plates down in lane, when the wave is crashing on their towers, when you back to reset/buy? I feel confident warding and dominating my lane, but I just don't feel like I am roaming enough to be as helpful as possible. My second question is, if you're looking to spend some money on the game (mostly to increase my Champ roster), what is the most efficient way to spend RP? Heroes had a lot of big Hero bundles that were pretty cheap, which helped fill out your roster really easily. It doesn't seem as simple in LoL so far. Thanks for your time!
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