Just give up.

It's not worth it. I've been lying in bed going through this forum and I've seen a post about Nightblue every other thread. I get it; what Nightblue has done to Nubrac is completely absurd and I find it downright, completely disgusting. I get it; it's super infuriating to see a small streamer get banned through another big streamer through connections. I get it; it's very, very annoying and frustrating seeing big streamers like Nightblue straight-up rampaging through in-game chat like it's a free-for-all (except not really cuz they're big streamers and they promote league so they probs wont get banned xd good one riot) without getting any, even the smallest of consequences while acting innocent and pretending that they're the ones that lead the positive side of the League of Legends community. Yeah, I understand. But I'm not gonna make a seperate thread about it. Why? It's because I know that Riot will not do anything about it. Given their past history of listening to the community, I except nothing now. I find making these posts in attempts to directly address it towards Riot, even though they're all written with a lot of effort, pointless and quite frankly, a waste of time. I'd say just let things happen. The community is now aware of what happened and Nightblue's already damaged reputation is quickly getting plagued once more. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing seeing the community get together and stand up for what's right but I feel as though we, as a community, is wasting our valuable time. Remember, normal people like us is the reason that Nightblue is able to make a living off of streaming and based off of that, it's a given that we have the power to change that. So instead of attempting to get Riot to do something about this situation, why don't we get together as a community and change this ourselves?
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