With all the negativity people throw at riot, Can we take a sec to talk about what they do right?

Title. Riot may be responsible for all the flaws, weird ass bugs, and trolls in the game, But there are also a few things they do well, Really well apparently because we are all still here when the game is honestly 1/10 do not recommend some days. For starters, I guess they do music pretty good, even if they are slacking on the new pentakill end of things, The in game, and in animation music they release is pretty sick none the less. We can also mention that the 1/100 times their matchmaking works, and you get an hour and a half game where both teams are ace-ing oneanother 40 times is pretty fun, and how I wish the game was every match, players who acctualy have matching skill levels where burst doesn't matter because you need to use you damn brain and think for once. The stories and lore is pretty dope, and honestly should be made into an MMO before someone beats them to it and gives us a knock off runeterra with Demoxus VS Nacia in and endless war because one sides uses magic but claims to hate it while the other side is kind of a dick but makes a lot of valid points.... I've heard a few weebs call them the world's best Waifu Catalog.... That's something right?
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