Towers are just awful now and I hate it.

Unless you got at least one of their inhibs, it doesn't matter how ahead your team is. A single enemy Ace post 30 minutes is essentially GG, with or without baron. Why zero armor and MR? I thought these things were built out of enchanted stone, not napkins. Once their plating training wheels come off, they may as well not exist. They dissolve faster than cotton candy. To add, why does it feel like the plating is more beneficial to the enemy team than your own? They're really not that tanky, and the sheer amount of gold advantage the enemy can gain makes early turtling practically unacceptable. Sitting behind your turret is the equivalent to handing your laner's team bags of money, 1k health at a time. Please. Turret lives matter. I feel like the nexus ones should get plating, honestly. Oh, and I miss the lasers. :<
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