I can no longer recommend your game to any of my friends, sorry.

I've been around for a while, and I've put up with a lot of drama from this company over the years. Being personally told, "I'm a fucking retard that could never understand champion balance." - Morello season 1. Only for him to revert the very decision he made one week later for it being terrible. Balancing issues Riot Lyte and all of his glorious problems Riot Tryndamere and his general immaturity + lack of actual knowledge regarding interior issues. champion select nightmares + toxicity + my general disinterest in the game anymore. (( I've already let 3 diamond accounts just decay right on out of diamond. I no longer care. I still don't mind norms though.)) However, I can no longer stand by your company anymore and defend anything you try to preach. I'm going to give a scenario that has just occured. Joe Bob just spent 500 dollars for a plane ticket + took leave from work to fly across the U.S to go to a Riot event at PAX. This was his moment to finally get a chance to get a foot into the door after 6 long years of crap. He also just spent about 150-200 dollars per night on a hotel + had to spend another 100+ on a ticket just to get into the event. Joe Bob gets settled in on Wednesday-Thursday. New info comes in last minute and now Joe Bob is informed that the very event he paid to go to, utilized leave for, spent almost 1,000 dollars to get into was taken from him because he has a penis. You just did that to several people, and guess what. They cannot get refunds for any of that. What makes it worse is the fact that that very thing you as a company just did is illegal. **STRAIGHT. ILLEGAL.** What makes it even more puke worthy is your own employees actually **DEFENDED** something that's illegal. A sweeping sexism statement also felt the need to mention that a lot of my good friends that have been there for anyone in need ((including women, african americans, etc.)) Are now somehow monsters/sexist/ etc? Let's not forget Froskurrin informing us the white man is dominating us all! They're all evil and terrible people! Funny thing is . . . you got your job from a white male, white men supported you, white men even defended you and encouraged your employment and your opinion is to spit in their face. I'm here to inform you, nobody cares that you're a tatted lesbian woman contrary to popular opinion. Most people actually encouraged your employment. Now? I have no respect for you. You single handedly destroyed the very cause you were fighting for. I.E women equality. I'm not even going to talk about Daniel, he should just out right be fired, and his wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/unicorn/yacht whose wishing death on me didn't help matters. I'm glad to know a volunteer at a Children's Hospital + suicide awareness helper/life coach/ military individual/future PA whose done nothing but try and help people should go die a terrible + lonely death because I play League of Legends here and there. It's also good to know you wish misfortune on those that rely on me for support over the fact I played a video game. The too long didn't read is the reveal of these employees true behavior disgusts me on a cellular level, the fact Riot supports this behavior after implementing their behavior policies makes me want to puke, the fact illegal activity was fully supported makes me question how you even sleep at night. But most of all? I'm just disappointed that this is a billion dollar company with countless examples out there on how to do the right thing and they still manage to fail so hard. There were countless alternatives to avoid this issue as a whole, and you chose to do none of those. You've wasted peoples' time, money, desire and discriminated against them all in the name of "protecting me from the bad white man." Get out of here. I will not be spending RP, or persuading people to join your game any longer. P.S: At any real base of employment. ((Mine)) Frosk And DZK would both be fired. We wouldn't want to empower any white men by watching LCS while Frosk is shoutcasting. You know, the people bringing her down. Good job. I'm sorry for the actual good people at Riot that now have to suffer from this. I'm also sorry for everyone that was directly hurt by this PR nightmare. This just goes to show that maybe a billion dollar company wasn't ready for the fame + respect they some how managed to obtain over the years. Cheers everyone!
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