I Need Daniel Context

I've been looking a bit more into things, and I'm hearing from a somewhat credible source that Daniel and his family were being threatened (okay, not too surprising and not a big deal on the internet), but also in public. Did this actually happen? Does anyone have evidence? And was it before or after he snapped at the community hardcore (talking not just a bit of a tone, but full insults). I've also heard that Riot has a known neo-nazi presence and that one of them started all this Daniel Z stuff to target him for conflict in views with them (and that they're also the Slack leaker). Anyone got anything to give that credit? I just want to know what the hell is going on at Riot and what's the truth. I'll have some slight quarrels with Daniel having been fired if this is all the case, but nothing where I'd straight defend him. However, I wholeheartedly thing Mattias Lehman was a good man and on top of that, especially given what I'm learning now, that there was no basis to fire him. He said nothing inappropriate during these events. His responses were well thought out and appropriate. He didn't lash out, the worst he did was point out that policing tone when Daniel is being threatened is missing the point (which further makes me think this was actually going on).
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