The real reason people are stuck in their divisions and cant go futher.

First im going to say this,anyone who tells me that you must improve in order to win will get a punch in the face from me.So take my last game for example,i got autofilled support np,took karma and was ready to kick some ass,i checked on see what divisions are these guys in,my team was full silver 2 their silver 4,i saw ap on the hecarim runes and masteries and i told my teammates after the game start buy a lot of mr against hecarim,no one said anything so i thought that they got it,now fast forward to the time when hecarim was going to gank us bot(btw my adc was jinx)i pinged like crazy and he still farmed and the only time he went undertower was after hecarim e'ed her,ok i thought maybe she was too focused on farming and thats why.Now fast forward to the time when jinx was about 3/7 with 0 ad just runaan tryed to 1v1 the yasuo.Now fast forward even more when i noticed that even after his 3rd item our toplaner vladimir still had 0 mr,i told him to buy mr but he said "it useless",and this is the summary of the last game. NOW I WANT YOU TO TELL ME HOW IMPROVING WOULD HAD HELPED MY SITUATION THERE,and it wasnt only this game,there were many more this is why i got demoted to silver 2 the fifth time and currently im at 10 lp.You can be as good as Faker but still you couldn't had won that.From what people said im in the division i am because thats my skill level,but dont you dare tell me that im as good as a Vladimir who wont get mr and an adc who tries to 1v1 yasuo.This is just my opinion but i think im far above that,and i know people i get queued up with dont have the same skill level as me but you dont need to be skilled to play defensive. And with this i'd like someone help me reach gold because on my own its impossible. What are you thoughts about what i just said?
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