You aren’t allowed to have a bad game in league of legends

When I say this, I don’t mean that Riot will punish you. To the contrary, this is not Riots issue at all. It is 100% an issue of the player base and a constant misuse of language that has evolved into a subtle way to flame players for having bad games. I’ll use my game last night. I went 1/7 on Olaf against Sett. I have played against Sett once before. Once. Yes, I know what he does but knowing what a champion does and having experience playing against them is not the same thing. I figured I had an advantage in the lane, and I most certainly did. I blew his flash level 1, but then I got ganked. Happens, I made a mistake. I overstayed. Then I began lagging, and I come back to lane and literally get trapped in my minion wave to the point where Sett starts attacking me and I can’t even retaliate. I die. I come back to lane, I kill him. From then on, I just keep getting ganked or misplay, either due to poor play or lag. After 1/3, I decide I’m not going to die anymore and give my team a chance to carry me. Then I proceed to get camped and dove, and the eventually finishes with me being 1/7. My whole team is flaming me. I don’t really care about stuff like “what’s this guys elo??? Boosted??? Easy!!!” I do, however, have a problem with players questioning my integrity as a player and claiming I’m “inting,” “soft inting,” “or trolling.” By the way, the enemy set accused me of “trolling” and “soft inting,” meanwhile this guys regularly has games where he has 15+ deaths - which is the line where you can legitimately begin questioning whether someone is intentionally feeding at that point. That’s neither here nor there, but it’s amusing at the least. Here’s the problem with the aforementioned language above. Players have gotten to the point where they use the report system and the parameters of the report system to describe what is usually nothing more than bad play as “intentionally feeding,” “griefing (whatever the hell that actually means),” etc. In reality, players are just having bad games. Yes, i am aware that there are people that will go around the rules and do things to feed but seem legit. But that does not happen nearly as much as you think it does. What’s more likely is you feel mad about someone losing a lane to the point where you can’t win, so the community being the vindictive pieces of shit that they are, they propose to report someone because it makes them feel better about the loss. It relieves them of any personal responsibility in the loss, so they can rationalize the loss by blaming a “soft inting player,” etc. In reality, it is the opposite: it’s a way to actually flame a player having a bad game without being punished by the ban system for actual griefing and flaming. The irony is not lost on me here. What’s worse is that this is what devalues the report system more, because it’s hard to get a real account of what happens when people report innocuous activity (a player having a bad game) so they can feel better about themselves and remove any personal responsibility of the loss. In short, y’all need to chill the fuck out. People have bad games. It happens. Y’all make this game unfun, and this is why people hate this community so much. I am a busy dude. I cherish the free time I get for myself, and I usually use that free personal time to ply video games. The last thing I want to do is play a game, not do so well (which is frustrating enough in its own right) and then be flamed by a bunch of socially awkward hormonal teenagers that wear pants that are so tight, if they farted their shoes would explode. Okay, that line was to make me feel better (irony). Anyway, chill out and stop making peoples playing experience miserable.
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