"You are the common denominator in every one of your games"

I believe this is a terrible statement, as I am currently treading on a 24+ game tilt streak and bad luck run, and I can solidly say around 80% of my losses were not caused by me. Now, most people will look at this and the typical response I receive is, "you're just bad","you should just uninstall and quit if you're that terrible","It's only your fault", or as the title suggests. I believe this is a very rash statement and the belief that just because I was present in all of those games and how it correlates with the game resulting in a loss is downplaying the issue. Yes, I am currently livid, I believe anyone would be, so I am going to vent. Going on a 24 game tilt streak most of which was not caused by me, getting bashed for saying it wasn't me and blaming other players where it was blatantly their fault is part of the downfall. Yes, I am only Gold 5, I was Gold 4 but then the streak started and it looks as though I will end up in Silver soon at it's current trend. The next comments that usually follow this are "that's why, you're just in Gold so you're bad lmao." This is another statement that I find to be stupid, of course I'm in Gold, I've been being tilted by players since season 3. I have quit this game around 7 times and come back for some reason (though I do not yet know why). While the game-play is fun, the player's degrade it. Here is now my step-by-step of how infuriated I am by this game. 1.I mained Nocturne and did exceedingly well throughout every game, and currently have around a 3.93 KDA with him, my win rate was around 80% before the tilt streak began, and all was going well. 2.It started with 3 consecutive games of troll team compositions, people believing that playing a bot lane without an ADC or SUP was a good idea. (Which it's not). I had a Teemo-Draven bot, a Morgana-Azir bot, and one more which clearly made no sense. The response by my teammates? "Some pro's are doing it and are in Challenger so we need to do it to get into Challenger too." The lack of correlation between their skill level and the Challenger's skill level really shows in these games. They all end up feeding continuously throughout the game. The issue being is that the players in Challenger know how to play the champions, and have the skill level to play them bot lane. This season's current stance is surrounding supporting an ADC and getting them fed to carry the game, when there is no ADC, there is no carry. The point of picking bottom lane is to pick an ADC champion, and the point of picking support is to pick a support champion. I find picks such as Brand and Teemo to be largely troll compositions. The lack of understanding of what a support is shows here. Although you allow the ADC to farm, you provide no real help to them other than damage. A support champion is designed with their kit in mind to AID the ADC (through heals, CC, etc.), and without this kit it creates a terrible downward spiral. 3.In the game with the morgana-azir bot lane I got 23/6 Nocturne, azir goes 1/8, and morgana as well as the rest of the team resembles a similar KD. So what happens post game? I get trash talked. I get told I'm the reason we lost. I get told I'm bad and should uninstall. 4.This trend continues over and over again, and although I may have won a game out of nowhere in my match history, those were purely luck wins and were very difficult to win at that. (Combating the tilt). 5.I continue to get blamed for the losses as a Jungle lane or any lane I go into as I go positive in KD and should have been able to "carry." So because I couldn't carry them, I in turn am the reason I lost. 6.I am demoted to Gold 5, now I need to win 4 games in a row in order to get back to Gold 4, but at around 20 games of nonstop tilt and bad-luck, that isn't happening. 7.The bad luck strikes, I get hit with 2 games in a row where teamates DC for a period of time, come back, and proceed to blame me for their lane now being fed off of minion farm. They blame me for not being able to defend their lane, though their lane has a two level lead on me being a top lane, and I am unequipped as a jungler to protect the lane effectively. The team, of course, sides with the person who disconnected. 8.The bad luck strikes again, this time my monitor decides to shut off mid team fight, losing the fight, and losing the game in turn. 9.I am currently sitting at around 20 LP in Gold 5, tilting is continuing, me taking the blame is continuing as well, and I have nowhere to go but down. I would give a better description at the issue's I see with this game, but I need to go do stuff in the world now. I look forward to seeing the comments that follow blaming me for being a "toxic" player and for being "bad" at the game. P.S. I also believe I have the world record at the moment for the most tilted/bad-luck games in a row.
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