WOW Nintendo actually made a pay to win Kirby game...

You know, I always thought Nintendo was the company that didn't do this sh*t. They make good quality games and for the most part avoid this microtransaction bullsh*t in their games. But no, this new Kirby game (I'm referring to Super Kirby Clash btw) on the Switch has something even worse. The game has this currency called gem apples. You need the apples for literally everything (weapons, armor, potions, fighting bosses, etc). You have a tree at level 2 that gives you 10 free apples every 12 hours, which is almost NOTHING when you consider how much everything costs in this game. Now, you can also pay real money to upgrade your tree to a higher level (and also get some gem apples), so it drops even more apples every time. This is where it gets stupid. You either pay up or you're forced to wait FOREVER until you finally have enough for what you need.
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