RIOT PLEASE - Let Us Craft More Stuffs With Excess Materials In Our Inventory!!!!

Riot, please create more options for us to craft all the excess materials we got in our inventory. I have purple gems that I dont use, prestige points I dont use, orange essence I dont use. Not all of us are a fan of the Hextech skin line, so I got purple gems that I never use them for anything. Same for prestige points, I got dozens prestige point sitting around doing nothing. Can the developers put in more crafting options for these materials? Like, give me the option to convert gems into little legends' eggs or convert gems into prestige points or something? I have a lot of duplicate emotes shards, I can do something about them too? I dont want to convert them into Orange Essence because I hardly ever get a chance to use Orange Essence, its almost useless to me. It would be really nice to be able to convert between gems and Prestige points as well as having more crafting options. I know you have done this in the past, but I feel that the options can be expand further. Riot really havent update much on the crafting options ever since they revamp the hextech crafting. Now with little legends' eggs available, more prestige skins are in the shop and not a lot of ways to gain prestige point, I think we should be able to convert/craft excess materials. It would make the materials more useful and feel more interconnected with one another instead of breaking them down for either blue or orange essence, I got over 300,000 blue essence unused, even after purchasing everything from the blue essence shop. Myself and many other players I know shared this common idea, so we really hope that Riot can update the crafting materials to make them feel more useful to players who have excess of them.
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