Why are some champions being neglected?

I've noticed that over the years that some champions in league are receiving more or less attention, for example, Riven and Ezreal get a ton of attention whilst others don't. These champions are often neglected for long periods of time waiting for a rework so they can finally be noticed. These champions include: Urgot, Mordekaiser, Aatrox, and Pantheon. This is a massive problem, because some champions are sometimes neglected so much that you never see a new buff/nerf or let alone a skin. Kassadin, Udyr, Skarner, and Reksai have not been given a skin in over 4 years in a row, it's no wonder these champions are never seen, nobody sees skins for them, they aren't meta so they are never seen, and even if they are fun the player base has mostly forgotten who these characters are and that they exist. Ornn is newer than the other champs i mentioned, but ever since his release 3 years ago he has yet to receive a single skin other than one skin every champion gets on release, Kai'sa who came out about half a year later has received not only 3 skins other than the one she was released with, but she even got a prestige skin. Riot please pay attention to these champs, it just really sucks to see these champions being neglected and pushed to the side, please give love to these champions because they really need it. ~ _Sincerely, Mr Kraebs_
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