"Alright, Darius! Looks like it's your turn for buffs!"

https://puu.sh/Dlgip/31e60de8f3.png {{champion:122}} Awesome! {{champion:23}} Yep! {{champion:122}} So this is really how balancing champions is decided? {{champion:23}} Yep! {{champion:122}} The balance team throws darts at a board? {{champion:23}} Yep! {{champion:122}} Well, that explains why problem champions go multiple patches without getting nerfed. {{champion:23}} Yep! {{champion:122}} And why it's so difficult to get buffs for struggling champions... {{champion:23}} Yep! {{champion:122}} Why is Ivern up there? {{champion:23}} New skin. {{champion:122}} _Everything makes so much sense now..._
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