Riot you need to consider the actions Daniel Z Klein and maybe even Froskurinn

Maybe you can handle the "only women and non binary allowed" as a bad PR move but essentially they we're trying to do something positive. Even though i was dumb, shitty and should have never been a thing. Come on like you guys are a multi billion dollar company, how did this idea make it through even spit balling? But your representatives of you game are getting far too political for no apparent reason. Froskurinn chastising white men online and Reddit. Not only getting too deep in gender politics but actually defending the idea of sexism being a good stand point of ideals because women are at the brunt of sexism. Which is true but the execution of it is appalling. Imagine having a room for suicide help saying "No women or non binary people allowed" only because men have a higher percentage of suicide. Furthermore, Daniel. A rioter telling concerned patrons of the game to "fuck off and sea lion some where else." Like what the fuck, this guy is responsible for a game we all love and play. Riot is getting too political, yes it is nice to advance minorities in workplaces especially in ones such as gaming. But teach people about being united, together and as one. Not given priority because of ones genitalia.
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