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I would like to make a recommendation to improve Leagues 'climate'. I believe we should exclude reports from players who were toxic in the same match as the reported. Feel Free to have a discussion below! "Hi again, Sadly as I said before, I can't give you a specific word or phrase because that is not how it works - here are a couple sections from these logs that were a problem though:" - Skiwi Now I have been chat banned before, obviously. The changes in my 'chat-style' have been night and day. Doing a swear is long gone now! After a short discussion with a mod I have come to the conclusion that reports alone matter more than the content of your words. I challenged him/her to tell me exactly what I said that was bad, other than engaging in conversation. Now my thoughts on the match that 'did it' are that the other team triggered my team. It was to the point that even asking my 4 ad's (I was support, sadly) to build a Blade Of The Ruined King, for a 3 tank enemy, was triggering enough for them to report me. One of the individuals even went to all chat to say "REPORT". Even the other team was saying things such as "reported". My team even agreed initially that the opposing team was being toxic by mid-game and before I had any friendly agro (It's funny that this was where the mod started). I was called annoying for building an argument for my case, which was more than reasonable and devoid of inflammatory comments. I believe today that bans are now decided by those that are the most toxic. Merely reporting someone alone is cause for a ban/permanent ban. It doesn't matter what the content or context is. I asked the mod to tell me exactly what It was I said so I can avoid such an issue in the future. I was met by this: Headhunterkiller: toxic Headhunterkiller: toxic Headhunterkiller: lol ok Headhunterkiller: im from season 1 Headhunterkiller: you had a good roll for teamates Headhunterkiller: dont be toxic about what you dont understand Headhunterkiller: it just makes you look insanely dumb Headhunterkiller: good thing its normal Headhunterkiller: are you all premade lol? Headhunterkiller: hahahaha Headhunterkiller: hahahahahahaha Headhunterkiller: tryharding and still not even good at it 24 mins later Headhunterkiller: soooo pro Headhunterkiller: keep being toxic tho Headhunterkiller: nice stats MF Headhunterkiller: yall beyond toxic and ignorant Headhunterkiller: wish i had farm lol Headhunterkiller: why did you guys not surrender Headhunterkiller: this is a shit tier match Headhunterkiller: i spent all game feeding someone who did nothing Headhunterkiller: 1/6 Headhunterkiller: i got my own kill before him solo lol Headhunterkiller: not even a bork for garen Headhunterkiller: this is beyond farm Headhunterkiller: Why havent you built a bork yet jing? Headhunterkiller: it doesnt even matter if i stun Headhunterkiller: theyre trolling with hp builds Headhunterkiller: build a damn bork Headhunterkiller: Yi, yas, jinx Headhunterkiller: build a bork. Headhunterkiller: You wonder why we have a tough time Headhunterkiller: im fine Headhunterkiller: you came and just died Headhunterkiller: im veigar Headhunterkiller: i hold all year Headhunterkiller: lol Headhunterkiller: i hold just fine before you dive bro Headhunterkiller: youre the one being toxic and dying left and right Headhunterkiller: you died first Headhunterkiller: to zed Headhunterkiller: then another 2 times Headhunterkiller: just play the game and accept your throw Headhunterkiller: im fine losing Headhunterkiller: youre being extremely antagonistic and you cant even back it up Headhunterkiller: i dont even think i need to check ur stats Headhunterkiller: lol Headhunterkiller: now youre going on a wild tangent that doesnt exist Headhunterkiller: lol Headhunterkiller: what are you talking about Headhunterkiller: im talking about you constantly aggroing teamates In these examples, chat is being to argue with, criticize, and blame other players - that really isn't okay, and is intended to lead to penalties. I understand you feel that your behavior was not a problem, but sadly we do not agree - if you intend to play in the future and you feel you don't know where the line is on what is okay to say in chat, I would suggest just avoiding chat use entirely; if you don't use chat negatively and you play to win, you will absolutely not be penalized. I'm going to need to close out this ticket now, have a good rest of your week. Now I hope you believe me that I wasn't the most toxic in the match. I would relay some of the comments but I don't exactly have access to the replay anymore. This was a match where I muted the other team and even tried to surrender so I was cuffed to the other players. I did not int or feed and I kept cooperative throughout the match. It really feels like Riot only cares about money in this case. I believe my perma-ban was decided by toxic people today. I hope no one else has to deal with this. Good luck out there! I actually hope you guys have a good day.
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