I am having trouble with something in PBE

Ok, so the only reason i play PBE is to test new build, runes and champs. And recently i was trying out Shaco top lane, and i was fighting against a Yasuo (a OK player but i suck at Shaco so i naturally got hammered) and he destroyed me and its not because he was playing Yasuo to try him, he was playing because he was playing all the time because he wanted to play with skins and i fell like people should be on PBE to try new things and not to go on there to "destroy noobs like u" Yasuo would say. I really think there should be something in place where your also playing maybe against someone who is also bad -because there playing new champ build rune etc.- I'm not saying there aren't good players on PBE i'm saying bad players who are trying NEW things and not some mastery 7 Lux just trying a new skin. So what i'm saying is i hope that there might be something in the future where we have options like "Are you playing PBE to A. Trying New Champ? B. New Skin? C. New build?" something like that or like "Are you playing a champion your good at just a new skin?" That is my hope for future PBE so i don't get destroyed for trying to play a new champ. EDIT: IM NOT SAYING EVERYONE IS LIKE THAT! But i do come across people who are like this.
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