i've never been happy about a champion rework

Fair warning this gets a bit ranty towards the end. What champs have riots reworks ruined for you? I just saw a post discussing what champion reworks people thought were their favorite and then i realized i've hated every single one of the reworks (for champions ive played). {{champion:16}} completely deleted her ability to survive on her own, play top, heal herself, gimped her aoe, now she cant even heal allies without killing herself. Idt i will ever get over how completely wrong they got this rework. {{champion:112}} deleted his ability to burst people for much of the game although they did make his late game stronger, the majority of the rest of the game he sucks pretty hard, they also didnt fix his lack of reliable cc considering he has no good mobility which was a major oversight {{champion:83}} also very disappointing, they really sidelined his minions for this nasus-esque press q and right click to win kit which was far away from his summon the dead spirits to do his various actions while also hitting people with shovels methodology {{champion:44}} not a fan of his haircut which is marginally better than his old one but not by much. He's not great imo until late game which is annoying considering he was primarily a support. They got rid of dazzel for the less reliable aoe stun he now has which im not a fan of. His hps is crap until late and his ult is not useful outside of very coordinated play which was also a disappointment. Also i liked his old gems better. {{champion:50}} i play swain often in aram and hes just consistently underwhelming. his cc is fine, his w is nice, but his bread and butter q is just bad and his ult is similarly poor since it really doesnt increase his survivability by much and its damage is unusable for burst without a huge delay. Overall the rework has just left him very dependant on his team to cc enemies and take some fire while he outputs meh dps while regenerating meh hps {{champion:20}} i played nunu more than the other champs above on this list and was unsurpringly more disappointed by his rework. His q was an ok albeit completely unimaginative buff. His w was novel but honestly isnt great, it can be clunky to use especially since they removed the range indicator and the damage isnt always practical, as cc it is not bad. His e though wow just terrible, targeting is abysmal the damage is useless and the cc is very unreliable, very disappointing they turned one of the funnest skills in the game into that. His ult they didnt fix at all, it is still crazy easy to interrupt or dodge. {{champion:10}} theyre flat out nerfing kayle support into the dumpster (which was my most recent main) while also making her primary role less healthy by making her early game suck balls while making her late game op af. I mean she does look hella cool but gameplaywise it's shit. This is the latest straw in riots crusade to needlessly pidgeonhole every champion into a single role. I mean theyre giving her ult the cd of a global ult bc of the damage while nerfing the cost which is bad enough but theyre also needlessly shitting on her enchanting potential by flat nerfing her w, like honestly how hard would it be to keep the same level of efficacy for the allied heal, it would have literally zero impact on her solo efficacy.
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