Its players like the lee in my last game that ruin ranked.

Because the adc chose lucian after lee said to pick an adc with over 600 range he said i will not gank bot. Then the top gave him some attitude in game and he said im not ganking top. He then proceeded to hard camp mid. The whole time reminding adc and top that he would not gank. I didn't even say anything and still had to pay the price of an egotistical player. he just hard camped mid and because of that top and bot got no pressure. He was a good player but refused to play the whole game. Im trying to climb while there is still time but this isnt the first time a player like this has ruined ranked for me today. The other being a volibear player building runic echos and sorc boots refusing to gank or even try. A cait soft inting because she lost a lvl 1 in lane. It is just happening to much not just end of season but overall these type of players are what ruin league for the rest of the community. He just cleared and went mid, cleared and went mid and again and again. If he even went to other lanes it would of been an actual game. It is so frustrating to lose games because someone isnt having a good day and wants more control of his or her life and has to take it out on 4 other people. I am gonna sleep on it and remove it from my mind but I know in the morning there is gonna be someone like him out to ruin another game because they can. While there will always be trolls and afks, There shouldnt be sabotuers as teamates.
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