Arcade Tokens Not Given

I bought the pack. So I am supposed to receive 12 tokens per win and 6 per loss plus an additional 18 tokens once per day when I get either my first win or play 3 games. Last night I had a bug happen for the second time. I played what should have been for "First Win of Day". My team won. So I should have received 12 tokens plus 18 tokens. (And it shows these 2 amounts separately, not as a combined 30 tokens). Instead I got a notice saying I had received 3 tokens. THREE. Not 12. Not 12 + 18. Only THREE. Come on Riot. Give me the tokens I earned. I paid RP for that pass and I only have so much time in my day to play and I need those extra 27 tokens I should have gotten. As I said, this is the 2nd time I got this bug. I have an ambitious goal of 3100 tokens during this event and I have a full time job so to get to my goal, I really need every token that I earn the right to.
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