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Dear developers and players. I have been playing league of legends for a period of about six years now. Few of these years i have actually put attention into the summoners rift. I always felt that the 3 vs 3 map gives a faster dynamic and that is why my heart lies there. Only after the changes to the twisted treeline map i feel like it has gone downhill. Although i do not care much for changes on the map, changes for the twisted treeline are now needed more then ever. there are tier lists online that state the champions to be played for almost a guaranteed win. I have heard some people say its the league of tanks. Champions such as illaoi, Nasus, Galio and so on are ridiculously strong while champions such as Shaco will bite the dust only due to the map layout, the visibility trinket and the underpoweredness. People will actually tell you not to play some champions in the champion select as their winrates are incredibly low. Tanks seem to be doing as much and often more damage than assassins. Champions like nasus that can stack in the jungle of the twisted treeline map is at 200 stacks in 5 minutes.. I feel like buffs and nerves are meant to balance out the 5v5 map but thereby the consequence for 3v3 is forgotten. I would like for the development team to take a look at the twisted treeline and think up some balance as it is much needed! Also it seems the twisted treeline does not really count for league of legends. As league does not keep track of your statistics for the twisted treeline and you will not get any tokens for playing it. Also no mastery score can be achieved by playing 3 vs 3. I am sure there are players like me that like to play 3v3 better then 5v5. It would be great if there could be some attention directed it so that i can at least get a mastery score and tokens by playing only 3v3.
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