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I don't know if anyone feels the same, or if I am just on a really bad streak of games, but there is something missing. I used to enjoy this game with a whole heart. I played it all the time with my friends and consistently checked updates and lore just to follow up with this game. But now I feel like I am not even playing the same game anymore. I used to play games that I just hated, I was behind, my laner was roaming, and I was just all around ready to give up. But there would be someone on my team that would just tell me to be safe, they would even come help me in lane, my TEAM would do something to help the TEAM. Now it just feels like I am playing some bad copy of League and I hate it. I still hate the new runes, the useful champion pool is so much smaller than previous metas, who thought it was a good idea to change {{summoner:12}} before they did anything to {{summoner:14}} , and Oh My God I am so tired of the one shot meta, sure it is fun when you get ahead and can just wipe someone from the face of the rift, but in the end you don't really feel like you did much. And when an enemy starts pulling damage out of thin air and flash fails to put you over the wall (even though any good champ now has insane amounts of mobility and dashes), there is no counter-play to anything. The only reason why I still play is pure addiction. I am addicted to this game, but it has gone from a fun game with a large learning curve to a slam my face on the keyboard and hope my dark harvest procs before botlane Karthus' does. And don't even get me started on the toxicity this preseason. You can win lane, be ahead by 2 items and still get flamed by your whole team. I feel like I am playing COD with a bunch of twelve year olds who fortnite dance at their school dances. I want to see where this game is going this season, but if there isn't any significant changes, I think the franchise might die.
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