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Hey guys ear here with an animu waifu thread[][][][][][][] Now that Game of Thrones is over, I hope people read the books because they are better because a person actually wrote them[][][][][][][] What is stopping me from cancelling my HBOnow subscription? It's a show called Chernobyl. It is a dramatization about the Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl, and it is very well acted and shot. I hope you guys watch it, but lets be real you wont.[][][][][][][][][] What else am I gonna talk about? I guess I could talk about Team Liquid vs G2 Esports and how Team Liquid got ran over like they were on a bike vs a plane[][][][][][][][][] I'm still proud of Team Liquid. They destroyed world champions Invictus Gaming, when people thought they would have been destroyed. When they go to worlds, I think they will take the title :) LETS GO LIQUID[][][][][][][][][][][][] Anyone gonna play WoW Classic when it releases? August 27th is the release date.[][][][][][][][][] I don't have anything else to say[][][][][][][][][] Now for music goodbye[]
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