I am so disappointed in how Riot handled Clash

Like everyone else, I'm actually pretty pissed about how Riot handled Clash. It's in testing on PBE several times, a beta happens, and while there are a few big bugs it seems like the majority if players get through. Then with the first release of Clash that I am actually finally able to play, after finding randoms online which is something I'm not comfortable with, and after cancelling real life plans and rescheduling stuff I finally was able to play. Multiply that by five people, multiply that by how many people were anticipating Clash. Giving us back our Clash tickets isn't going to be enough this time Riot. It's so god damn hard to get 5 adults together, it's hard to turn down people who shit on you for turning them down for "just a video game," and it's hard to know I could be doing something actually fun right now. How does this happen? Is this a bug introduced in some of the updates to Clash? I don't understand. I'm also pretty disappointed that Riot didn't tell us sooner. Apparently they've known about the issue since yesterday (because Australia is 20 hours ahead of us) so they could've said it's cancelled this morning. Nope, I didn't want to be that guy who fucks my Clash team over so I stuck around despite having the opportunity to go do other things tonight, I guess Riot didn't have the same consideration.
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