Software Engineering or Computer Science?

Hi! Sorry if this may seem a little odd, but I'll try explain whats going on- I'm currently a highschool student that is about to enter first year University next year, however I'm not sure yet whether to study Software Engineering or Computer Science. I was wondering if any of you guys have some insight on the different job opportunities for people who study these two courses- I've had a look at website which lists the vacancies for different job positions at Riot, and there seems to be a mix of careers which would prefer a Software Engineering degree, but also another bunch that would prefer Computer Science. Is there any skills in particular that one degree would have over another? It's always been a goal of mine to one day work at Riot or another similar company, so it'd be appreciated if anyone has any insight on which jobs each degree tends to lead into. Interestingly, at the University of Auckland in NZ which I most likely will be attending there is a really high entry requirement to get into Software Engineering ( Engineering in general), while Computer Science is significantly easier to get into while most other uni's like Sydney etc put Computer Science equal as Software Engineering which is odd. Thanks guys! ps: notice me riot plz :D
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