Come March 5th, Urgot will have gone 6 years without a new skin

This is absolutely insane. 6 years. The closest champion to that was Swain, but he will be getting a skin next patch. The obvious argument for why Urgot hasn't gotten a skin is because he got a full VGU, but now Swain is getting a new skin WITH his VGU. And to top things off, the next nearest champion to not receive a skin in a long time, Shen, is not even 5 years off. While I do of course think that Shen and the like should receive skins just as much as Urgot, it's really saddening to see Urgot go without any love for so long. At that, I'm sure Riot has at least started thinking about ideas for Urgot now that he's been reworked. The most I can hope is that whatever skin he gets is worth the wait. To create some discussion, what ideas for Urgot skins do you have? Maybe you can light a spark in a Rioter's mind and bring Urgot some much-deserved love. #######StarGuardianUrgot
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