Riot does not care about PBE

New Season! Yay New Bugs. Nay Fidlesticks ultimate invisible? Been on PBE for 3 weeks Constant crashes and connection Issues? Been on PBE since the "elements" patch was added When the map is changed from a Dragon, textures sometime failing to load leading to crashes and bugsplats? Rare but has also been on PBE since elements update and many more have all been on PBE since the patch first arrived. People have reported such issues including me (not from the bug report of the client because that never worked for many people) and surprise surprise, they reached live. Riot, if you really don't care about the bug reports players do on PBE boards the just remove the damned server! If you care, then how about you fucking fix the bugs before pushing them live instead of only fixing skin textures?
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