When are we getting another black female champion?

I know some players don't necessarily care about stuff like this. There is already a decent amount of diversity in the game (so many kinds of champions, ranging from creatures to humanoids etc etc). However, it never hurts to have more kinds of champions. To my knowledge right now Karma is the only female champion that resembles a black woman, but her design still seems more Asian-inspired over anything else. You have Lucian, Pyke and Ekko as black men who I think added some nice variety to the champion roster as well. But where's our woman? Qiyana was your chance to include an actual black woman from the jungle, lore-wise, and she turned out to be another Nidalee in a white wig. I'm just wondering if anyone else would love to see a champion like this. I feel like they would be able to make her really badass and really beautiful. A mage, maybe? I don't think this should be *the* focus of the game or the only reason behind their new champions but I do think eventually adding someone like this would be a nice touch to their franchise. (:
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