Its been 7 months since I couldn't be able to play the game due to my summoner skills being bugged

However, Its been fixed today with a workaround. Thank you MajesticSpaghett from Riot Support... I am here to thank that amazing Rito support member called MajesticSpaghett for coming up with a workaround that no other support member gave to me. If you have a similar issue with your summoner spells being locked to whatever summoner spell by default, this workaround might work for you. There are VERY similar workarounds that absolutely did not work for me. However there is a key element in this workaround MajesticSpaghett told me, and Ill be highlighting that here. ''Delete your config folder'' is a very common workaround for vast majority of issues. However, my issue required an additional step. 1. Login into the Client 2. Go to your league folder and delete your Config folder. 3. Delete it while you are still logged into the Client. 4. Hop into a custom game and _**play it for atleast 2+ minutes!**_ 5. Exit the game, _**delete the entire config folder again!**_ 6. _**Re-make a custom game again and try to change your summoner spells!**_ The 4, 5 and 6th steps were crucial to fixing my 7-month longing issue... [I also made a reddit post about it but its been deleted for whatever the hell reason.]( Again, Thank you MajesticSpaghett. You are my hero.
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