Gonna have to say a good bye...

I've been away for a while, I come back for like URF and some occasional ARAMs. I have enough IP to buy the next (new) 12 champs or so. I've put many hours into LoL and it used to be something I 100% enjoyed. I remember participating in the Tribunal, enjoying the game with many friends and even some hilarious events! I realized that after my last ARAM game...I just dont enjoy LoL anymore. I may have outgrown it, or maybe Riot has taken the game in a direction that I do not/cannot embrace. I just want to say that yeah, there are plenty of toxic people here. But there are also many fun and happy go lucky people (even in Ranked!) Thank you for the hours of time I spent playing league, even when I should have been at the beach or out on the motorcycle! I hope that Riot maintains a game that many love, and that it continues to bring joy to many people as it did for me!
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