If you use the following terms, I automatically disregard your opinion

Stat-check or any iteration thereof (stat-stack, ball of stats, etc) Assassins and zero counterplay, or any phrase or combination of words to suggest that of the aforementioned (zed op, where’s the counterplay???, ad BIAS) Mages and the suggestion of any kind that they are somehow weak (mages do no dmg fuck off riot, mages are not strong wow, argh I hate that mages can’t one shot everything while CCing it while being in fog of war) Melee champions and the proclamation that they should not be prone to kiting, which is their biggest intended weakness Junglers complaining about being complained about - seriously, you chose to play this role knowing (or perhaps not knowing, which explains why you get flamed all the time) that your role is the most influential role in the game and most solo queue games often come down to who has the better jungler Tanks are “difficult to play.” Mechanically, no they are not. Fundamentally, no they are not. Conceptually, certainly there is nuance but they still have one of the easiest concepts in the game. If you are to engage in any verbal manner that which makes reference to the above mentioned, I will discount your opinion as drivel and nothing more. Thank you for your time and have a great day.
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