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So many people, and i mean SO many, have been here on boards complaining. Yasuo is op, lucian is op, vayne is op, ranked is stupid, I've been punished unfairly, thr game sucks now, ARURF sucks, bring back URF, etc. I could go on for so long at how many negative things are being talked about. So why don't we focus on the positives for once? With seeing all these negative comments, it suprises me a little. Me and my duo have been having a blast in ranked. We've got over an 80% winrate together and my Talon top specifically is 100% winrate. We've had easy games, fun games, and even tough games. But we haven't complained on boards. Our team fed? So what we'll carry them anyway, prove we deserve better. Teams raging pre game? We'll dodge and start another que to avoid them. Getting matched with low ranked players? Well, my duo is iron 1 and I'm silver 2, and we're doing fine anyway! It all doesn't matter. The only reason the game is "so bad" is because you pretend it is. We try to put the blame wherever we can beside ourselves and it isn't right. Many people who complain about bans are a good example. We say "this wasn't toxic" and while it might not be very bad, it was still putting the blame elsewhere. saying they were defending themselves, or someone else, or saying that the other person should've been banned and not them. The game is in a pretty good state right now, i haven't seen many negatives about it while playing. The op or too underpowered champions right now such as akali? Every game goes through that. If you quit league because of it you'll find the same issue elsewhere. I'm not saying we should stop having any negativity at all, giving input on what needs changed and community opinions matters. But we shouldn't be so negative about it. If you have to say something is overpowered, then why not just write out a whole argument, video footage, or stat numbers to show it? Then it can be debated. Instead of swearing, saying it is op and should be nerfed. To conclude, it's all fairly obvious really. The game isn't what's failing. The community is, and if we just start being positive we can fix that. People will be negative in game. Always. That's how competitive games are, but that doesn't mean we have to tear apart the game out of anger. So i wish you all luck on the rift summoners. And here's to a hopeful season 9!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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