Are OTPs an endangered species?

Everyone knows OTP is the best way to climb SoloQ, but with Clash possibly ACTUALLY becoming a regular thing, is this the end of an era? OTPs climb higher, but more importantly, climb higher than their skill with other champions. Enter Clash, they're now ranked based on that one champion, and the enemy can actually see that. OTPs are dropping left and right. So now they're being placed based on that 1 champ that's getting banned out. Obviously, Solo Q exclusive players are never going to go away, so neither are OTPs, but with clash is this the end of the "everyone is an OTP" era? If you're the top player on your team people are even getting target banned on their top 3 champs. Just playing norms today a common theme in chat is people talking about, and practicing new champions for when their mains get banned. I feel like if clash is relatively successful, OTPs will become much less common.
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