Time to quit

I played league of legends since season 2 and always enjoyed the game play and rank climbing, however one thing I have noticed over the years is that the punishment system really sucks. First of all the toxicity in this game is too much, I know many people would say "just mute them", but in reality, how many people would really enjoy being crap talked and not saying a single word back. I have tried to control myself and hoped things will change, but the toxicity in this game have always been the same. Over the years of playing league, I have had chat restrictions mostly because I flamed the flamers, and I end up being the one receiving the punishment, but I didn't care and kept playing because I like the game. Today, I decided to play a ranked game after days of work and school, and I was really focus and trying to carry, but imagine being the only person doing well on the team and your team blame you for their mistake. They flamed me first and made fun of my english so I decided to talk back and guess what happen, 2 week suspension. After that game I didn't even bother to report them because I know nothing will happen, and they will keep doing what they do. When I saw I got banned, I knew it's time to stop playing this game. This game is amazing, I loved the characters, the strategies, the professional game plays, and I have had so many memories, but the real toxic players will never get punished and the system will only ban the ones tried to talk back. 2 week ban, permanent ban, I don't really care anymore, because I will never play again. For those that was curious about the match I got banned from, here is my op.gg https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=zhongdancike , the very first one on the top is the game I got banned from, sorry for the bad english, because it's not my first language.
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