I will deal with ALL Rito's Problems for a patch if we can get this. =)

A bug fixing client patch. Just one patch. Fix the store loading so slow. Fix the Loot only opening after the third time you click it. If you want my money in the store, quit saying there is an error bringing up prices. Why does League take all of my memory? I turn on my laptop with 24% used on a 10 GB memory and it somehow shoots up to ~75% in game. If you mute someone in game, make them muted after the game too? (I know, mind-blowing.) Why do I get a bug splat every time I open the client? Why does a simple hotfix take upwards of 10 minutes to patch in on a new laptop? You could even release a skin line for whenever you do a bug fixing patch! (Call it DeRezz or something =) And other code fixes to make it much more stable please... I'm willing to overlook all League problems in-game if we can actually get a client that functions well and doesn't make me tear out my hair before I'm even in a game.
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