So uh... about Sylas...

Can we give him some relevant mana costs for his abilities now? I wanted to give it time to find out what it was about this champ that I found most annoying and troublesome and at this point with a few months of play I've decided this is really what aggravates me the most. In jungle he gets a blue buff to open anyways and this style of Sylas has never been one that bugged me as much. But in lane he's kinda ridiculous to clear against because he just mad spams abilities the whole time trading and clearing and never runs oom even without a blue buff. It reminds me of LeBlanc back in like season 4 and 5 where she was just spamming everything in her kit from the moment she got into lane and never went oom while clearing and trading endlessly until she went to roam with still 50%+ mana. Let's at least make Sylas make some decisions about when to use his abilities rather than just "Is it off cooldown? Yes? Use it."
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