9 Months and no word of Nexus Blitz

Thanks for testing Nexus Blitz! | League of Legends
The Nexus Blitz alpha playtest officially ends when patch 8.18 begins. A big shoutout to all those that participated in the scuttle races, base catapults, and nexus-on-nexus title fights over the last few weeks, and for all the feedback you shared along the way.
Hey guys, i'm just your average garbage player but i figured i would create a post discussing Nexus Blitz; it has been over 9 months since Nexus Blitz testing officially ended. Personally for me, Nexus Blitz was a breath of fresh air in the League of Legends scene. It allowed for some fun situations and interactions that your normally wouldn't get on Summoners Rift. Does anyone know if any additional information has been posted about this glorious game mode making a return?
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