Can we PLEASE remove champion shards from hextech chests?

Hello Riot, so we get champion shards from leveling chests, we get them from honor chests, and we can use them to efficiently gain new champions, so why are they in our hextech chests too? We can earn up to 4 Hextech chests by getting an S on a champion each month, but only once via that champion that season, otherwise we have to buy them, meaning you could get up to 48 Hextech "free" chests in a year, hypothetically, assuming you don't miss getting 4 S ranks each month on separate champs, though I doubt the majority of players manage to take full advantage of this as most players I know tend to have about 4 champs in the 2 roles they main and 1-2 in the other 3. So they'd be familiar enough to get S ranks on probably about 12-14 champions in a given season? Otherwise you have to buy them, and that's cool, that's fine. Where it's NOT cool is when you get champion shards which are worthless in the "late game". What I think most would want out of these chests after playing LoL for a long time, is getting new skins, many of which are legacy or only available via hextech chests. so you can get an S rank or spend real money, and you get a skin shard, sounds great! But you can get can also get far less value out of them by getting a product that doesn't require a whole lot of play time to acquire by other means, champion shards, and at worst get a product that is utterly worthless to you, still champion shards, because if you already own EVERY CHAMPION, champion shards become essentially garbage. I for example play about 5-10 games a day, I'm level 50 at this time of writing, I started in season 6 I believe, just before Aurelion sol came out, at the rate I level and get champion shards I can afford a new champion probably about every month or two, which is more often than you release them, Reworked champions are essentially free as well since they're already owned. This is also without getting a single champion shard out of hextech chests, or dropping below 10k BE, and I know plenty of others who invest far more time and games a day into League. BE becomes a very low quality reward without enough sinks to dump it into. I have no use for getting champion shards out of hextech chests, I'm sure many others feel the same, and as you gain more players that stick around long enough to reach that point where I'm at, where every champion is owned, the number of players discontent with this is only going to increase. I currently DO NOT BUY hextech chests, because I won't spend money on a product that could be worthless to me, but if it's only orange essence items in the hextech chests, then I would have some motivation to get them, because even if it's not a skin I want, I can disenchant it to buy the expensive legacy skin sitting in my lootbox, something I can't buy outright from the shop, get it? Remove champion shards and we are MORE motivated to buy those chests, or to earn them by expanding our champion pools and getting those S ranks. Because at that point even when the RNG doesn't give me something I want, it helps me towards something that I DO want. with BE/champ shards thrown in the mix, it becomes a far less tempting item, because 1/3rd of them are going to be terrible, worthless drops that will never be needed. So please Riot, Remove champion shards from your hextech chests, I truly believe it will motivate players to both work harder for those S ranks, expand their champion pools (PRACTICE IN NORMS GUYS), which, hopefully will help them improve and lead their team to victory, motivate them to perhaps even try new roles, as well as make hextech chests a more rewarding, and by extension tempting, reward/purchase.
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