Is riot wearing out the novelty of "Prestige"??

Now hear me out, I do like the idea of prestige and its a nice treat for die hard mains of their fave champ! However, I'm noticing there are quite a few coming out one after the next and its feeling pretty repetitive and rushed in a way. I was genuinely hoping it would be a once in a blue moon surprise, it was such a new and cool thing to do with skins and gave a sense of luxury and exclusivity, and whether you view that as bad or a good, I think it added to the novelty of Prestige skins. Kaisa {{champion:145}} was a nice surprise for sure, especially with the release of K/DA but when they added Akali {{champion:84}} I was a little concerned considering there were still two other members of K/DA that were lacking a Prestige and didnt know how well that would sit with the community but regardless I welcomed it with open arms (The skin is really pretty what can I say)… Now things started getting a bit odd when they added the Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox {{champion:266}} , what about this skin read as necessarily "prestige"? Nothing in my opinion, not only was it released right after Akali {{champion:84}} (which was released RIGHT after Kai'sa) but the bloodmoon line just doesnt feel Prestige to me... But maybe thats just me? Now the Fire Cracker Vayne Prestige {{champion:67}} is coming soon and here are my thoughts on that. I believe the Lunar Revel skins do fit well with the Prestige theme, its a festive holiday that comes around once every year and I personally think the overall theme and aesthetic Riot has carried with the Lunar Revel skins fits the Prestige lineup nicely, but her downfall comes in due to the fact she is the 4th of 3 that were released right after the other, and it feels like Vayne {{champion:67}} was released almost simultaneously with Aatrox {{champion:266}} . Final Thoughts: I believe that Riot pushing these skins out is honestly just a plot for money, not to be rude or disrespectful in anyway, but when you release a Prestige skin for literally EVERY event, people are gonna buy the packs and thats more cash in Riot's pockets. It takes away the fascination and "prestigious-ness" of the skins, and I'm beginning to question the difference of the Prestige lineup and a basic Golden Chroma, because thats what its starting to look like. P.s I'm sorry to the people who main and love these champs ({{champion:266}} {{champion:67}} ), I'm happy you guys got a skin and a Prestige but I know a lot of people are disappointed and dont feel the Prestige in their new skins and thats pretty saddening and unfortunate, so at the end of the day I dont think this is helping anybody. (I also dont think the Akali {{champion:84}} one felt very fitting either since it made this wierd gap with Ahri {{champion:103}} and Evelynn{{champion:28}} , would've been find with just Kai'sa{{champion:145}} , but thats a topic for another day tbh)
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