RIP Ryze and why this shows us something about Riven

I will miss you shield :( Also, "When Ryze is played optimally, he covers his weaknesses incredibly well. At the same time, he benefits highly from a coordinated team. Pro play relishes champions with these characteristics, which is why he's been such a strong pick in the space. We're chipping away at these strengths to quell his presence there, but at the same time, helping out those who are looking to pick him up and aren't as precise in their combos." -Patch 9.12 "Riven is only good when the player knows her combos thats why shes not overtuned and should not be nerfed!" -Every Riven player Also before you say that ryze got compensation buffs too, its not much. Any good ryze player can spread his e properly so the always spread buff doesnt do a ton, it just seems like riot doesnt know how to fix cancer kits. I feel like there was a better way about going about the ryze rework, i dont know how but im not the one getting payed to fix the game i just play it.
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