Unpopular opinion time. I wish Riot showcased more than pretty asian girls on stream spotlight

Honestly no hate for the women. I'm all for women empowerment but...there's no variety. I have seen girls and guys with less followings do more than be pretty and sip cokes out of cans. There are a LOT of girls streamers with different quirks league could/should have showcased. * There was one girl UmiNoKaiju that BEYOND deserved to be featured on Riot's site and never was. Yes she was Asian and pretty but she worked hard, had a job in nursing, played with subs frequently, did give aways, and actually got to know her viewers. I even bought her Twitch merch which is a HUGE deal because I never buy streamer merch. She no longer plays but I understand why. * MadamStar is a streamer I've followed for YEARS and she's so open and honest. She hosts events, does interviews, and has even starred in commercials. She is comedic ASF and has even made her way to be front page worthy. She's finally going to be hosted on the front page tomorrow. She currently plays league and Magic The Gathering. She also hosts WWE watch parties and does wrestling podcasts. * kiyokoTV consistently streams, knows her viewers, and appreciates every view. she's transparent about how she handles her donations and works hard to maintain a positive attitude in game. she plays adc mostly and plays with her viewers a LOT. She's willing to rotate roles and likes diversifying herself. There are a lot more but I watch a lot of international streamers. So if anyone wants to know about Russian/Polish/German(I follow a lot)/Swedish/Chinese/Japanese/Korean streamers let me know (both male and female). Many streamers who used to play league now do other things such as art, music, IRL, tarot readings, other games, fan night karaoke, and terrible romance novel reviews (it's more hilarious than you would think). It just sucks Riot really seems to be pushing this perfect e-girl gamer thing more and more. I guess I just miss when league was ugly and quality applied to the content/creators/community and not the skins {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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