The last time a Rioter commented in the "Gameplay" section was 18 days ago...

It was Meddler, and it wasn't even a Gameplay related post but it was about their client getting reset back to the previous patch or something like that. I have made a number of posts calling Rioters/Riot out for how they have shrunk back to the shadows. These posts have garnered a lot of attention, yet no Rioter ever commented on them. They weren't some massive text glob of obscenities and "i'm f**king done with this game". They were well constructed and thought out. After looking and seeing that a recent post has gotten some front page attention for noticing the lack of Rioter attention to Gameplay related posts, and they you guys only comment on OVERLY positive posts or posts that are pretty much anything not relating to balance/gameplay, I've decided to make one final post. Riot/Rioters, let me be frank, you guys have your work cut out for you going into Season 9. Strictly game related and not referring to the Daniel Klein incident, your workplace etiquette with higher ups, your poor decision with Pax West to only include all people after 2:30 when everyone was a paying customer to begin with, have A LOT OF WORK TO DO. From poor balance decision after poor balance decision, to Clash "release", to every single damn rework/new champion being the embodiment of everything NOT FUN about this game. First, let's talk new release champions and reworks. Can you guys please stop implementing "fun and unique" skills or characteristics into champion kits and saying fuck balance? FOR EXAMPLE: 1) Zoe W--- certainly is fun and unique, but for the player laning against her, something about getting hit with 3 ignites within a 60 second window ISNT FUN. Or how about that lvl 3 Redemption active heal she picks up off the minion wave because "why not". RNG is not fun and getting bested by RNG instead of skill expression is one of the most frustrating things in this game. 2) IRELIA rework--- Jesus where do I begin with this one. Irelia before when she was able to get Q resets off killing targets was fine. Her new E is better and more skill expressive than just "oh i have lower HP than my enemy, I can stun them now". There is some good to her rework but for the most part it is an absolute fucking mess of overloaded BS. There is no reason why I should get one-shot at lvl 3 because Irelia landed her E with her passive stacked up (from hitting minions) and Conquerer stacked up (from hitting minions) so she can dash to me 2 times whacking me with 20% converted true damage, magic damage from passive, and physical damage. Followed by Ignite. There is no reason why a champion that has that much damage/mobility in her kit should also have built in sustain on Q, 50% damage reduction on a channeled ability THAT CAN'T BE INTERRUPTED BY CC, and also be granted 3 different ways of resetting her Q dash onto the same target. Once again you made a champion with what appears the goal to be "oh my god look at the plays and the FLASHINESS of all that mobility and damage" while sacrificing the poor souls that have to try and LANE against that. 3) AKALI rework--- No champion should be able to dive under an enemy turret and become shrouded in "true stealth". Plain and simple. Bullshit mechanic that literally everyone that doesn't play Akali would be all for taking out of this game. I honestly hate this champion and everything about her but removing "True Stealth" would at least make her somewhat BAREABLE to play against. 4) GALIO rework--- Is he a tank? Is he an AP bruiser? Is he an AP assassin? Is he a burst mage? Find an identity for this champion and stick to it. He has had his numbers and scalings changed a ridiculous amount, and has shifted with almost every change. So now he's in this weird limbo where he's in the Azir/Ryze class of "if this champion starts performing well in pro-play, shit on him with nerfs/changes" because he's been strong for pros no matter what change. And he has suffered in Solo-Queue for it. Second, actually show a damn presence on YOUR Gameplay section of these Boards. There are a lot of posts here that people have taken a lot of thought and care to write out to you guys to show that this damn game means a lot to them. You cannot just claim "even if we don't respond, just know, we read your post and consider what you said" anymore. IT ISN'T WORKING. Clearly. By the general negative state of the community and disappointment in the current trend of game-state and balance, sitting back and not interacting with YOUR game's community ISN'T working! Accountability for all actions, GOOD OR BAD, goes a long fucking way with these people who bang out hours upon hours on your creation and then come here to express what they like and dislike about the product. Can you guys honestly say that your lack of communication with the community is healthy or positive for the overall League of Legends experience? I sure as shit hope you don't believe that to be true but your actions, or better yet, inaction over the past couple of years expresses to me that very belief. It is so very frustrating to see Rioters only commenting on Story, Art or the Dev Corner safe space instead of actually taking on the challenge of engaging your players that are most passionate about supporting YOUR GAME and trying to discuss possible ways of making it BETTER. For my closing thoughts, I'll reiterate. Please start doing a better job of filtering out negative impact changes/additions for the sake of "it's never been done before. it's so new and fresh". Keep the mindset of "if we add this to the game, how is the MAJORITY going to feel playing against it". To the balance team and gameplay devs, interact with PBE players and Gameplay Boards a lot more than you do. To be blunt, what you're doing is not working. I don't care how many players are logging in daily to play this game, it isn't working. Most players are playing on time bought with good faith of previous years where they could sink hours upon hours in this delightful creation. Believe me when I say the well is running dry on that. I am a 5 year player and just a year or two ago I could log on and play for hours every day. I now go weeks without playing this game and when I do muster up the energy to get on and play, it's for maybe 3 games before I get so frustrated I consider launching my laptop out the window. Cheers and Happy Holidays, Kyle Price
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