Best Support to ‘one-trick’?

Okay I am level 23 and I have Rakan, Nami, Sona, Morgana, Galio, Lux, Soraka, and Thresh (in that mastery order). I have picked one poke/damage support (Morgana over Lux), one tank (Galio over Braum), but I still need to pick one healer (Sona vs Nami) and I need to pick one engage support (Rakan vs Thresh). But I really want to narrow down my champion pool even more as the main way I lose games are to support or top lane one tricks (like a Pyke one trick who won a 1v5 against us). Also I just want to get really good at one champion (and have the other 3 from above incase of a ban). Note: I don’t have Pyke, Nautilus, or Alistar but I have enoigh to get them if you say they would fit my playstyle. So you do you recommend? This was the order I was thinking: 1. Morgana (can deal damage / carry if teammates are bad) 2. Thresh (spoon feed kills with hooks [I will have to get better at him though as I have the least experience on him]) 3. Pyke (Heard he was the ‘carry support’ also he can deal damage, roam, and catch people out) 4. Nami (safer than Sona in lane and kill pressure with bubble. Also W is more mana efficient) 4. Rakan (he can poke/heal, shield/dodge, knock up (aggressively/defensively, and can engage/ setup kills ganks) 5. Sona (consistent and good poke and ani-poke and great late games heals but is very squishy and basic) 7. Nautilus (Seems like a worse Thresh, also his only way to support is to Hook with his Q (vs All of Thresh’s abilities), But he is easy and consistent) 6. Lux (To me just a worse version of Morgana but the double root is nice and the E, but I just like Morgana more and feel more comfortable on her [as morg is less squishy]) 7. Soraka (just no for me, I like that she can bully a lane but the 10% hp cost on the heal is too much. I save my adc by double healing him/her/it but then get jumped on. Also she is just squishy) 10. Alistar (I like tank supports but with no way to poke/damage enemies without all-in-ing, also team relient) 11. Galio (he is my favorite champion but I have a 20% winrate on him (2/10). Both wins were from a top lane carry where our bot lane tower got taken in first 10 minutes. He is just so team relient (unlike morg) and when I get a 5 man taunt (often) I just die because we have no follow up damage. ) So what are your thoughts? (Here’s the poll: Thanks, LelsersLasers Also, who of the three I don’t have should I get? I have extra BE.
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