How Will League Do with All the New MOBAs?

There are four MOBAs coming out late this year or next year. They are: -Paragon 2 (this has a massive, MASSIVE fan base behind it already.) -Project Phoenix Uprising (this also has a massive fan base) -Ethereal (which is super different and has hype) -Ascendant One (this is launching late 2018 for Korea and is expected to come to NA soon after. It is like Smite, but better graphics and looks better) I am curious how League will do against these. League does not bring in new players because of how awful it is to new players. These are all 3rd person, high graphic mobas coming out. I am just curious how league can hold up from these. EDIT: I AM NOT SAYING THAT LEAGUE WILL DIE OR BASHING LEAGUE! I AM JUST ASKING!
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