qiyana is unplayable, if she doesn't get some sort of buff soon i'm gonna want a bundle refund.

Hi, I've played about 20 games of qiyana now. I'm 1-19 with the one win being qiyana support. I know everyones playing tft and doesn't care about this champ, but I was excited about her because I like ad assassins. She is legitimately the worst champ every released in league. The problem is she is not an ad assassin. Her kit is entirely weak and useless except for a decent root and a super strong ult. Akali has received about 100 nerfs already and is still dramatically stronger in every way to qiyana. Even if you outplay or get fed, qiyana is still weaker then pretty much any other champ given the same money. The 30% winrate isn't lying. And before you give me the "shes new so no one knows how to play her line"- I have been buying and playing new champs since beta, and regardless of how complicated they were none of them have been even remotely close to this bad regardless of learning curve. Yuumi was losing on release for a myriad of reasons related to people not understanding her, qiyana is an entirely different case where shes actually just a terrible champ. And before you give me the "shes weak in solo q because she will be too strong in competitive" line- How does that even matter when theres so many broken competitive champs already, they rework tahm to be a solo q and competitive nightmare. There has been 3 versions of aatrox that are absolutely busted in pro play. Riot does a terrible job already of balancing champs for competitive, its no excuse for making champs that can't be played in solo q and lower elo. Let her be playable in the real game that we all enjoy, and then balance her for lcs. So i bought the battle boss bundle for her on release and if she doesn't receive a hotfix soon then thats fine, but please give me back my rp and my blue essence because she is incredibly bad. on the note of what she needs, her w needs more movement. her stealth needs to be longer or larger. she needs more damage on her high rank q's or passive. She really could use some sort of sustain or shield, or wave clear, and more passive speed on the w might make it actually useful as well. Also the fact she can't get river or brush while in base, and no river in twisted treeline, is just complete proof that shes a half made champ. And if you haven't played her then please don't comment. If you've played her 10 games or so and disagree with me then by all means, explain where im wrong.
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