Why aren't Rioters answering more on the boards?

There are _a lot_ of threads that beg for an answer. When will Tahm be nerfed? What's gonna happen to Twisted Treeline? When will the login times be fixed? Is autofill broken? These and much more are being asked over and over again, every week. Some of these might be good questions, others not so much. Regardless, all of these have an answer. An answer we're not receiving. Why? I understand they can't say some things for certain. Maybe they still haven't figured out whether to rework or remove TT. Maybe they still don't know whether to turn Tahm back into a support or just nerf him top lane. And that's fine, they don't have to have a certain, definitive answer. But why aren't we getting *any* answer? Literally a "Hey, we acknowledge the issue with Tahm Kench, and are looking into it!" would be enough to make 90% of us shut up. Most of us just want to know that Riot is aware of the issue that we're seeing. Even if the answer is negative, e.g. "We're aware of the issues but we currently don't have any plans to work on Twisted Treeline", at least I would know not to hope for a rework and I would stop posting about it and move onto other game modes. And if there is a lack of Rioters, just hire one or two media guys whose main job is to answer people on boards and reddit.
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