Pyke as a champion.

Yeah, he shouldn't even have existed with how his kit is in the first place. He has so much mobility, to the point you can't outrun him, nor can you even chase him or punish him in lane. -And he can fish for hooks for days, without a punishment to it. And if you try to trade with him, it's just hopeless anyways because he has 2 forms of cc, and an exe to finish you off. Pyke, as a champion, is much too overloaded. He needs to at least lose *something*. Something light I'd recommend is sort of a Blitz treatment; make his hook cost significant mana so he actually gets punished for missing any. Even get rid of his grey health. It's just impossible to try to poke him out of lane with it since he can heal it all back up. That would at least solve the issue of him being dominant in solo lanes, as he has been for awhile now; first being in mid, now in top. Hell, or even get rid the shield-ignoring part of his exe, so at least it's counter-able in a way. Anything needs to go. Pyke, as a "support" champion, is a joke. Why make a champion that is practically an assassin and slap a support title on them just because they share gold? I just don't get Pyke, and how they made him without any thought of what he actually is. Maybe I'm salty about champions that aren't traditionally supports, that are called "supports", but I really just can't stand him and how overloaded his kit is anymore.
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