Where are the Champion Teasers and Login Screens

This is gonna be a kind of big rant but I feel like its an important aspect that the game just left behind. Recently, the newer characters have felt very rushed overall, with their kits and whatnot, but i'm not here to complain about that. What really makes me sad is the fact that Riot has stopped making teasers for the champions, both as in game and videos. I've been watching a lot of the ones in the past recently and I forgot how much I absolutely loved them, and now they don't exist. The last champ that I can remember with some sort of teaser is either zoe or kai'sa with the sleep bubble or the rift dying in a special way. All the champs after those have just been thrown at us with what seems like little care whatsoever. This isn't the only thing that makes me sad about the current state of the game, but the login screens as well. The music for new characters still exists, and still sounds amazing, but the only new actual login screens we get are event ones and the one that repeats constantly when there isn't an event, for the seasons existence. When Morde, Panth, Qi and even Yummi were released there were no special logins to go with it, but you could go to youtube to listen to them, At the very least. I know that odds are this is just going to be ignored and lost in the depths of the boards, and even if it causes some talk among the community odds are nothing will change, but if anything does happen with teasers, even an explanation of why they left, same with the login screens, i'd be more than happy with the use of my time of making this post.

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