How to Reward Vets (Without just dumping 30+ boxes on them)

At least this is my idea: When you open the client post-level/rune update, you get a Veteran's Chest. The Veteran's Chest contains: * 1 Gemstone * 1 Epic Skin Shard * 1 Champ Skin Shard * Some amount of BE "Cap that sounds stupid." Roll with me here. The veteran's chest is unique because the rewards inside would _multiply based on how many seasons you played._ (Played being measured by having at least 2-3 games in that season). Including beta, the maximum would be a multiplier of x9 (Season 1-7 + Pre-season 1 + Beta), Because of this, new players _also_ don't feel left out because they get a veteran chest as well, even though their chest will only contain a handful of items. In doing so: * Nobody is left out. * Veterans are rewarded for the time spent playing league. * Prevents alt accounts/inactive accounts from incuring massive bonuses. * BE can be used in lieu of rune refund to reward players, regardless of how much they spent on runes. EDIT: Wow, this blew the fuck up. I'm glad this is at least a massive, open discussion. Special thanks to Cactopus for coming out to chat with us and I really appreciate the time they're taking to address concerns.

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