Ranked feels like a chore and I hate it.

Title. Last night I was in my D2 promos -- Lost 0-2 because of some dumb shit. One of those games my ADC decided he wanted to go hero mode against the enemy team at Baron alone after we had all backed out and died, resulting in us losing the game, and then I lost 4 more. In one of those games, the teams were 4 kills and 5 kills respectively before 2:30. The enemy bot Rengar had 3 of those kills and proceeded to roll my bot and literally 100-0'd me from full health when I tried to gank for them because they kept yelling at me for help. A friend of mine showed me chat logs of them playing with this guy who refused to leave spawn after they took one of his cs when he was at base because they were holding the lane. That guy ended up on my team, too, and did the exact same thing. He held our game hostage until the perpetrator _sincerely apologized_ for his gross transgression. I played a game also where our ADC took teleport and farmed both bot and mid whenever he could, starving our mid from as much cs as possible. He also took every kill I was trying to get by EQing (Ezreal) or in one case, even flashing for it. This caused our mid laner who was 7/3 to stop trying to win the game and began just running it down. So... What the fuck is someone supposed to do in that kind of situation? Game after game after game? Trying to climb and get to the elo you actually belong at is a fucking slog even as high as D2 unless you're duoing with a good player. It's not fun, and it's not much more fun in normals. Game's great! People? Not so much. But Riot will punish someone for saying "Shut up stop fucking pinging me" before they'll punish someone for intentionally feeding to ruin someone else's game. How do you make League _fun_ again? The people I have to play it with have finally completely ruined the experience for me and the balance team hasn't done much better, only aiding to the frustration of playing against all these high-key busted champions that seem to remain insanely strong for patch after patch after patch.
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